Last night I checked out Jonas Bonnetta and his ever evolving musical experience Evening Hymns in Peterborough. His unique style of indie/rural/experimental art-folk (how’s that for a label) was perfectly suited to the venue, The Cannery, a downtown gallery/performance space/art supply store. The band hit the sort-of stage around midnight by which time Bonnetta admitted to be feeling the effects of a fun day but it only enhanced the, as Jonas put it “unserious” tone of the show. Not since The Band’s Whispering Pines has the quietude and haunting isolation of the north/east been harnessed with such serene fervor. And Jonas knows of what he sings. He grew up in the small Ontario town of Orono. He spent time in Peterborough and now calls the Toronto west end neighbourhood of Parkdale home.

If you're not familiar with Evening Hymns have a listen here.

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