I checked out a local auction this weekend and ended up taking home a truckload of crazy stuff. Among my haul was a 1940s Johnson outboard motor, an amazing massive factory light (got it for a buck!), a great vintage work table, and a variety of fantastic boxes including these old metal stackable factory storage bins. My winning bid for each container including their contents ? $7.00! The industrial bins had been sitting outside at the auction and it had rained earlier that day so what I bought was three metal boxes full of rusty junk swimming in sludgy water. But back on the farm the next day, upon closer inspection these old boxes were harbouring some pretty cool items.

Bin #1. Highlights: 2 tiny vintage oil cans, 2 scary 3-pronged hooks, and a 50s chrome-plated boat mooring tie.

Bin # 2. The highlight: Primitive E clamp.

Bin #3. The highlight: Antique butchers cleaver. It must weigh 5 lbs.