Assorted ephemera perched in the rafters of the screened-in porch of our rustic little cottage in Norland, Ontario, a crossroads about a half hour from the farmhouse.

The portrait of Johnny was taken by Barrie Wentzell a great British rock 'n' roll photographer of yore now residing in Toronto. This original print was left over from a feature we did on Barrie in a 2004 issue of Coupe.

The “rust” motif carries over into the kitchen.


  1. Hello Bill... this is a very beautiful site. Your shelf ephemera is weirdly connected to something going on our side of the world with window sill collections. Check it out here! http://kitchen-maid.blogspot.com/

    I think yours is better though... that cottage must be amazing!


  2. Hi Lucy, thanks! Never thought my first comment would come from New Zealand. That's pretty cool. Your site's great and food looks amazing.

  3. NO!! I want that pheasant!! Too weird. I have a thing for pheasants and when I spent two weeks in Yorkshire last year I was obsessed with getting the perfect photo. Most of the time all I saw was roadkill. But I finally got my shot.

    Then I started work at a bookstore and what do I find perched on top of one of the firetrap offices? A pheasant just like yours; even the base is the same, though yours is a bit rougher looking. I MUST have one! Where did you get it? Garage sale, something like that?

  4. PS. That last shot of the kitchen is awesome. I love the colours and the light. And it looks like a cross between a cottage kitchen and a dorm room.

  5. The pheasant's tail fell off a couple weeks ago. He just isn't the same!