I picked up this relic of a trunk a couple weeks ago. Bought from an old timer selling off some of his stuff at the side of the road. I had already grabbed an old tin bucket, a scuttle, a great old hatchet, a little pitcher, all for 15 bucks. He wanted $20 for the trunk. I said I'd haul it away for $5. He bit. The reality is there are a lot of these old trunks kicking around and ones in this rough shape really aren't worth much. But still, it’s maybe 100 years old, nice wood slats, great metal hardware and 5 bucks!

One really nice detail is the monogramming on the side. Two names. Kinda weird. Who shares a trunk? But it does add some mystery and romance to the old piece.

When I got it home upon closer inspection I discovered the bottom of the trunk was lined with old newspapers and retail flyers from 1978. I love these kinds of finds.

Sifting through the layers I was confronted with some oddly familiar cartoon illustrations.

Which led to the unearthing of the jewel of the trunk. Miss July, 1978.
They don’t build ’em like this anymore.


  1. A vintage beaut. And the trunk's nice too.

  2. hey dude...glad you like my Dad's truck...could you please take down the picture of my MOM...it's kinda personal.