This past spring amid our many many farmstead projects we finally got the garden up and running. It's about 400 square feet in size (I'm guessing we'll double that next year) and is home to a nice variety of vegetables. Most of them were grown from heirloom seeds that we began germinating in early April with mixed results. But most everything is roaring along now. We're currently feasting on roma, yellow, and many varieties of heirloom tomatoes along with gigantic heirloom cucumbers, Hungarian hot peppers, leeks, a ton of mixed greens, and some incredible heirloom carrots, a mix of orange, yellow, white, and scarlet nantes.
Curently I'm battling giant 4 inch green caterpillars with horns on their butts that are ravaging our tomato plants but it's all been worth it.
Good eatin'! The crops not the caterpillars.

Wild apples.

Gold and orange organic carrots.

Hungarian hot peppers.

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