We took a bit of a rural break and went on a little road trip to Montréal this past weekend to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Montréal is a great food town and we're lucky to be good friends with two of its finest restauranteurs, Allison Cunningham and Fred Morin of Joe Beef, Liverpool House, and McKiernan fame. We met Allison for an outstanding dinner at Liverpool House. Later in the night we went/staggered next door to Joe Beef and met up with Fred who was hanging out with fellow restaurant guys, the 2 Franks of Frankies Spuntino fame in Brooklyn (457) and Manhattan (17). Joe Beef is not only an incredible eating experience but for a guy with an admitted big love of vintage its also quite the visual feast.

Big buffalo hanging low in the co-ed can.

Frankie Castronovo of Frankies Spuntino sporting a Habs toque. When in Rome . . .

Fred Morin holding court in the candleabra’s glow.


  1. We escaped southern Ontario a few weeks ago for a weekender in Montreal and were delighted by the all good eats. Midnight bagels straight from the oven and a great grassroots scene of Quebuecois foodies using local products. Let's hope it catches on in the Kawarthas soon.

  2. Agreed, TSP. We have all the ingredients, a ton of farmers' markets, local growers and makers. We just need more restaurants committing to what's readily available. But there are some excellent local chefs. Harmony Farms springs to mind.

  3. I wish my head was made out of Poutine....

  4. Beautiful pics......looks like you guys had an amazing time. I can imagine being surrounded by all the cool vintage stuff in the candle light.